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Sunday at 1 pm is the official reception for The Subway, my installation at LEA. I invited a few friends and sent in an event notice to search thinking of intimate conversations about machinima and building *wink*. The LEA announcement, however, included the term "gala" (what was I thinking?), so I decided I better go along with that theme. I dug out my tuxedo outfit from a year or so ago, found my homemade (happily black) furniture from my LEARN AVATAR days and eventually discovered my champagne giver from the defunct gallery.  The beautiful dessert tray is not of my making; just for impressiveness and to remind us that its OK to have sugar now and then.

So here is the bribe, you freebie loving fans. Come by during the reception and pick up the Rodeo Blvd necklace (chest and spine attachments) as well as some simple stud earrings. They will ONLY be available during the reception -- so an hour or so from 1 PM. You will need to click on the ticket booth sign to teleport to the installation.

On with my story:

My original tux outfit, a mix of several designer's work, was in good shape still for an older design. The footwear though was beyond its prime, definitely passe.  Happily, a new design from KALNINS had arrived a day or so ago; perfect!  The Scarlett boots are definitely dressy enough for a gala.   If you read this blog regularly, you know the KALNINS design model. Fatpacks of 12 color changes or mini packs with 3 basic colors.

PARTS can be changed so you can make multicolor shoes to go with your outfits.  I went right to work and changed soles and main shoe body parts to black and accented with gray bows and piping. VERY pretty. I went a little wild and chose violet nail polish! As always, these are gorgeously made with unbelievable detailing. So if this is your style, hop on over and try on a demo.

And  for you art lovers, here is the press release for my installation:
Is it a movie set trying to be an installation? Or an installation that became a movie set? Even the creator isn't quite sure.

In her own words:
"First there was the idea of a subway station, people passing by never seeing each other, never knowing who they were standing next to. Then the idea turned into an installation with spectral beings inhabiting The City. Are they memories? Chances missed? Future opportunities? That's up to the viewer to decide. "

Teleport to the subway station and make your way into the city. View the machinima film, "Lost in the City" in world or watch it on YouTube if you prefer -- . Wander the city. Take some photos with the ghostly inhabitants.
The official opening gala is slated for December 4th at 1 PM. Feel free to visit before then.

A Q&A for budding machinimographers will be held the next weekend, December 11th at 1 PM. Pick up a notecard with tips and tricks any time. You will find it on the subway platform stairway leading to ground level.

Enjoy your visit!

Poses by: BehaviorBody


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