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Free and Fab

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (or deep in computer repair) you know that one of the hottest Lucky Boards is  at Bukka, This great coat is up for grabs on one of three boards at the shop. No need to worry about finding the location; just look for the green dots.

I, of course, haven't had the time this week to wait for my letter to come up, but a few of my friends were lucky enough to garner the prize. I can attest to its loveliness. It is well worth the board watch.

The boots are from the Winter Holiday Village store at Prohibition.  Look for the present icons along the walls and find lots of gifts.

If you plan to do some traveling, this nicely textured suitcase is out until about 4 SL time as gift number 17 from Swayland. +trifoglio+ is the maker of this wearable holiday luggage.

Vintage luxury can be yours if you find the Ren hunt prize from the Julia Collection. The sideboard entry table comes in several pieces so you can mix and match with an eye to your prim budget. This is a no copy item, so clicking twice might be wise.

Note: SLURLs are still problematic it seems -- for me anyway. Just rattle my cage if I send you astray. I do check when I put them in. It is a puzzle. Seems worse with Viewer 3 (Firestorm). Sorry


Indigo Alecto said…
I understand the trouble you've had with slurls. I wondered if I could ask for the correct one for the Winter Holiday Village? The Bukka one copied again in your blog. Thanks for trying so hard...I really appreciate the tips you give us.
Chic Aeon said…
Bad, BAD word :D.

Here you go. Thanks for letting me know. Can't understand why the don't STICK.

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