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Forest Fae

Angelwing has a gorgeous new release, perfect for frolicking in the forest *wink*. And, even if you don't frolic, it is still delightful. I have a lot of Angelwing outfits in my virtual closet. Most are from last year and still holding there own design-wise, always a good thing. So when I found this free (did I mention FREE ?) outfit in the archives of a blogger group today, I was happy to have a new costume to unpack.

Here is the hunt info from the notecard. Honestly? I am a bit surprised I haven't seen this on the feeds. But the Angelwing fans appear to be out in force nevertheless as I see lots of green dots at the shop as I type.
**Fairy Xmas Hunt 2011**

This year I have put out 6 fairy sets and dresses for you all for free!
None of the outfits are sold in SL!!

One of them is a brand new outfit that I made especially for the hunt... it will not be on sale until the hunt is finished!!

The outfit comes with a very pretty necklace, but minimalist me was already in overload with all the pretty accessories AND I wanted to show you this new hair from EMO-tions

I kept this hair as I thought that "someday" it might come in handy. I filed it under "specialty hair". Did I think I would get to show it to you the week it was released? Not in my wildest dreams. You just never know. Hence my ever expanding inventory count. The style name is  *MANDARA*.

Photo taken at Chakryn Forest, a lovely primeval spot. Bloggers? You can REZ here :D.

Poses by: Vista Animations


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