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Can It Be Spring?

It isn't really Spring of course, and I am quite content in the snow -- for awhile at least. Still, this new Advent gift from Urbanized via the KittyCatS board had me thinking in those greener terms this morning. My jeans are a previous KittyCatS advent gift from Callie Cline and the very pretty necklace was or will be a 12 Days present from Bliensen + MaiTai.  Their gift giving event is in conjunction with  .::La Flat::.. From the info that I have, I am guessing that a gift appears one day at one shop and the next day at another. They are only available for 24 hours. Now, I admit to dropping the ball on this event. Many deliveries seem to be failing these days and I only just now found the review copies while looking back over blogger group archives. Still, you have a 50% chance to pick this up :D. There are plenty of other nice presents too, but this is definitely my favorite.

Back to the gift from Urbanized, I can tell you that it is 47 prims (or impact as the new viewer states) with lots and LOTS of texture change options -- all in the neutrals category. Virtually every surface has texture options (well I don't think the pine cone does, but you get the idea). Easy to use and menu driven, it is fun to play. There are poses on pillows as well as a cuddling your cat animation for the rug. This is a no copy item and you can only pick up one package from KittyCatS so be sure and "accept". If you have an alt, you might want to send them over (Yeah Lani!) to get a backup copy.

A new skin is just out from Akeruka.  Kia is young and perky with a shyness that is quite endearing. There is a new skin out for the guys also.

My hair is an on the wall freebie that I picked up at Dark Mouse yesterday.  There are three packs of Buy for $0 hairs to find. Peruse the other hairs while you search as they are on sale at a very good price.

Lead Pose by: EverGlow


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