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POE4 Hunt - 3

Back on the trail of the current POE hunt, I found myself marveling at how big our world has become. True, I have heard that there are less folks than in the recent past, but compared to four years ago when I came into our virtual land, it seems immense.  I had a fun time this morning hunting although I have to admit that I spent an inordinate amount of time watching shadows; so happy to have them back. 

My outfit is a mix of two gifts; the coat, gloves and boots hale from MEB -- the oh so cute hat and mouth mitten from Troubled Rebel.  The two chairs in the background are part of the gift from PALAIS Fantasy Castle Furniture. Now the green chair currently has an issue with a missing pose, so I would wait a day or so before heading over. I have let the designer know. Those things happen :D. These are no copy chairs so if you want two of a matching color, be sure and click that globe twice.

Some of my personal favorites of this hunt include items that are not in the holiday color palette *wink*.  Shown here is a fun lounger from Scandinavian Designs. LOTS of poses which of course place in you different spots. /1a positioning and a menu that let's you know which pose you are currently using. This is a no copy item :D.  The rug and wall art which coordinates nicely are from NzuriHome. I love text art!

And if you have been thinking I have added post processing snowflakes to my post here -- nope! The beautiful, evenly dispersed falling flakes come from the outdoor lantern you see in the foreground. At only four prims, it is a bargain that also gives light. Find it at Hearth and Home.

Now you know I am not a big fan of fancy dresses other than period garb which to me seems more like costuming that everyday wearables, but I really love this simple yet dramatic gown from  Dressed by Lexi.

My backdrop is a large and quite magical build from Sterling Artistry. The Serenity Pavilllion includes a birdbath as well as a transparent guard (removable) for use in the sky.

Poses by: LAP, Juxtapose


Silverr Andel said…
Thanks so much for highlighting my Serenity Pavilion. I love your photos and am happy you caught the sense of magic in it. POE comes only once a year, and it's always special. :)

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