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POE4 Hunt - 1

The forth annual Peace on Earth hunt headed by Sequoia Nightfire is underway.  I was a vendor in at least two previous hunts, maybe three -- history gets a little foggy for me in SL. Yesterday I started my hunting and gathering at the midpoint. These are just a few of the great things you can find in the stops between 100 and 150. I have kept more than I am showing which is not the norm. Some great items have been left out of this post as they have already received a lot of press, hence you probably know about them already.

At the top of my personal favorites for this leg of the adventure is the BoHo HoBo patched sweater, so very "me"!  And what's a boho gal without a little retro furniture -- holiday style at that? This Peaceful Music set (plant not included) from Axo's, Elemental Motifs is perfect in my short term but very cozy abode up in the snow drenched sky -- appropriate for my rustic cabin up in the virtual Sangre de Cristo mountains. There is a very pretty square New Mexico style rug that goes with this set.  The pieces are all separate so you can easily mix and match to accommodate your space and style.
No question about it, this coat with oh-so-darling matching shoes is a showstopper. Find them at PurpleMoon Creations.

 I love this retro dress from Luziefee. Way too sexy to be "cute", the little poodles in the print take us back to simpler times. The shoes and very pretty but so delicate they are almost impossible to photograph earrings are from Ear Candy.

There are plenty of  decor items, furniture and even skyboxes in this hunt. Shown at right are two holiday themed accessories. The Dancing Candle hales from ThistleWick Designs and the Makin Snowmen globe is from Grumble.

While not everyone had their items out yesterday eve, you can use the blog list to move on. Most of the globes are easy enough to find and I did come home with many of them. A few are tricky, but I found none -- in this section anyway -- that were "nasty". That makes me very happy.

The quality of the vendors and the generous gifts makes this the best POE hunt in my memory. So go out and hunt for some earth globes!

And while it didn't make it into this post, you might want to know that there is a wearable reindeer (resizeable) with brushing animation (for the wearer - not the reindeer :D) at Circus Noir.

Poses by: Juxtapose, Vista Animations


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