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Well all love presents and the majority of us also like to shop. You can put the two together Saturday as the Rue D'Antibes South Side Market opens its doors. Well, actually there ARE no doors *wink*, only stalls; but you get the idea. Gifts under the tree, sales and snow. All good.

Shown here are only a few of the items available, some to purchase, some as gifts.

Snowflake tights in always stylish gray from Lisa L. (under the tree)
Crystal hoop earrings from U&R Dogs. (under the tree)
Holiday boxes. The one I am holding is from Trompe Loeil (mesh) (under the tree). The ones under my personal tree are from barnesworth anubis. The very pretty and low prim holiday tree is also from barnesworth anubis, just one of several styles.

The pose I am using is part of a pack from Es' cusi Mothership. (under the tree)

There are many more gifts and plenty to shop for. Vendors were still setting up when I visited this evening so a second trip will be in order this weekend for sure.  And don't miss the Winter Harbor, the site of several of my holiday photos; so pretty. 


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