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Cool Gifts

There are so many lovely presents around the grid, it is difficult to pick your favorites let alone pick them all up *wink*. Still, here is a wrap up of a few that you might not want to miss. First up and not to be a secret for long is the new gift skin pack from Laqroki. Ebba not only comes in the pale wintry shade on the vendor; there are two darker tones. This is the middle value called "peach". A very pretty skin with cool blue eye shadow and pale lips; Ebba definitely qualifies as wintry.  Hit the subscribo to pick up this pack of six skins.

My photos are taken at The Looking Glass which is currently covered in snow with many new additions since my last visit. 

My very pretty teal sweater hales from Ducknipple on the A Depraved and Desolate Winter Hunt.

Need new poses? This is one of several in a gift pack from Diesel Works. Some for the guys as well as a couple's pose makes this a gift for all.

If you missed the news about these jeans, they are one of my favorite Advent gifts of the year. As a reminder, they are number #17 at La Rosa.

Click the photo for a close up version.

The Giving Circle has lots of wonderful presents under the tree. Teleport to any of the shops to pick up all of the packages.

This weathered North Pole sign is one of several Giving Circle presents from The Looking Glass.   My boots are today's Advent gift from La Rosa.

Poses by: Diesel Works (gift pack)


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