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Last Minute Gifts - for YOU!

I love Alchemy Immortalis. I can even remember my very first visit -- long ago. If you are one of those folks that waits to decorate until just before Santa comes, then you are in luck. You can pick up an assortment of trees as well as lots of styles of ornaments, for free, here in the Christmas store. I am thinking that these were available last year, but if you are new or missed them (or had your inventory deleted by the database gods) then you are in luck.

And a quick TP over to the Patisserie will garner you this pretty copper tea kettle. Just buy the box beside it for $0.

My outfit is an oldie from Firefall  -- a place I should go check out again very soon.

Poses by: aDORKable


Anonymous said…
The patisserie is gorgeous. So glad you featured it. I will be back to curl up with a book and enjoy a slice of delicious cake.

Loquacia Loon

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