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Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Newness abounds for the guys today. They often get left out of the mix, hence why there are often a lot of RL guys being SL gals; it's simply easier.  Now and then though great items appear on the scene.

This tuxedo is the final Advent gift from Yasum Designs. It comes with some sci-fi styled boots or you can adjust the pants to fit with regular dress shoes. Look for the big present with a "24" on top in front of a giant vendor. You shouldn't have much trouble finding it as there are 11,000 folks in the group. Earlier this morning the lag was so bad no one could get the gift :D.

My other bit of news is this new AO from Vista Animations. It is called The Boss and comes in both basic and fully packed versions. Amazingly, I was buying this newly found AO for my friend EE (of the real life computer repairs drama) when the notecard came in about the release. I had planned on getting him the one I have for Chav, but this one fits him better. I went with the simpler version as EE is a bit behind in SL technology and choices are not a good thing for him *wink*. Hence, wear and leave alone is good.

The new AO has some very manly dances in the "well, I am here and I will dance but really I have my standards" sort of way. Much fun. There is also a talking with hands animation, a chimera etc. So this basic AO is not really all that basic -- just not so many choices of stands and walks and such.

You can of course try out all the animations before buying but there are also shapes included in the pack, so a perfect fit is assured.

Poses by: Vista Animations


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