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Walk With Me

While I have a few very nice new release items to show you, I opted -- in part -- for time sensitive advent gifts. Well, ONE anyway. I love these jeans!  Only in retrospect did I realize that this is happily one of the holiday gift spots that let you pick up items anytime. So no excuses for you. Get over to La Rosa "sometime" and pick up number 17.  There is a guys version in the pack as well; I am guessing it is similar :D.  My tank (billed as a dress but really really short *wink*) is from Beautiful Dirty Rich, one of three colors in a big pack on the Hardcore: XXX-Mas Hunt.

In other news, I am wearing the new Liane skin from Amacci. Now many of you have met Liane in "grayish" form as a hunt gift on the POE Hunt (earth globe). This is a really pretty skin and definitely one of my favorite releases from Amacci.

Lily is the hair style name, also from Amacci. While I am not really in the hairbase camp -- says she of flowing locks -- it definitely shows off this skin nicely. And that works for me.

My necklace and earrings are a new weekend release as part of a full costume set at EMO-tions where it seems VERY busy at the moment. Get out there and fight those gals in your dose of lag enjoyment.

Make note that are also unisex jeans in the Callie Cline gift at KittyCats as well as some fun retro leggings and other goodies (who doesn't need jeweled kitty ears?). There are green exercise pants (guys and gals) at 22769. Nice elf boots at Yasum. See my Advent List if you haven't journeyed to these shops before.

Poses by: aDORKable in the upcoming days of Advent gifts


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