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So Sorry - and a Little B*tching

So today for the second time a reader commented on a post (in a friendly like manner which I do appreciate) to let me know that the link I had pasted in led them astray. They were correct -- both of them; both times.

Many apologies.

Here is the deal, and it isn't new and it isn't just my issue. The map is not happy. We've known that for a long time. These days I click SEVERAL times on the map button to get the map to actually show the place where I am or where the link is supposed to go. Then I copy to the clipboard - again with a few clicks. EVENTUALLY the CORRECT SLURL shows up in the blogger link box. These days I am very conscious of that.  I honestly don't see how these links are wrong when I see the correct SLURL in the box. But they are.

This isn't the most mysterious thing to happen in SL, but it is definitely frustrating. It could be the viewer, but since this is not a new problem for me I am guessing it is not.

Anyway, the WINTER HOLIDAY VILLAGE (where I am currently standing as I type) is the whole sim of PROHIBITION.

The SLEIGH with the free suede jeans is at   The myriad pairs of shoes out for free are in the big cabin at 128, 128 ish.

Off to hopefully fix that other post. Wish I had a real answer. I guess checking each link after publication may be the key. FIXING the issue would of course be higher on my personal list. :D


Dojiba Sabra said…
There's also a festive Christmas hat in the polar bear's den. :-)

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