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SL Advent Calendar List

Advent is one of my favorite traditions. Everyone likes presents. So I went hunting today for Advent Calendars and I am sharing what I found with all of you.  If you have and Advent Calendar, be sure and let me know and I will add it in.

My outfit is from Viviane as a day one gift. My hair is from  Emo-tions and is a gift for guys (sure it will look fantastic on Chav) in the Menstuff Hunt (sorry that's all the info I have).

Follow my beam. The SLURLS lead directly to where you want to go. Note that SOME places are already on Day 2. Some are leaving them up it seems.

Sorry I have some issues with the links not changing color for some reason. Each store name is an ACTIVE link. Just click.  

NEW ENTRY: Akaesha (group only) Click on the boxes at landing point to get the LM for that day's gift. Hunt a bit in the area for the gift :D.

TheVampRealm - present under tree

Aidoru - right near the landing point on the wall

Cero Style - follow the red floor arrows to the wall calendar

KittyCatS Winterland - such a pretty (laggy) place. Find the calendar on a wall a ways from the landing point

Roosheaven (meeroos) - presents under the tree (numbered) OUTSIDE the shop 

Moonstar -- a very pretty BLUE poster that doesn't look much like Christmas is your goal.

Orage Creations - long way from the landing point on the wall facing a full window

Monastery - colorful calendar on the wall 

Isis - tree made of advent boxes

Gothware -  stacked green and red boxes with numbers 

MadPea Winterland -  it seems like you need to hunt for wrapped packages and find the correct date. There are however LOTS of buy for $0 gifts scattered around. Update: People at the site today told me that you have to solve a puzzle in order to receive the gift. There is also a $50 join fee. You can apparently go back and do puzzles and get gifts from previous days and there is a help group for hints.

Abranimations - in boxes at landing point

Gemini Lotus - (age verification required) and I can't get in :D group. Here is the web page to find the daily locations. Thanks to TOM!!!!!

Viviane - on wall by midnight mania

ALB Dream Fashion - on the wall

 aDORKable  Poses - vendors with poses that activate on a timer.

Ginza Jewelry Kohime - back wall in a cute little red house on the wall. 

Wildz Crestions and Pimp Daddy Trivia - white penguin board on the wall by the entrance

22769 - under the tree

Swayland - Search the sim for the passwords for the various days, then answer correctly as that day arrives.

Yasum (group only) - Update: instructions on finding the teleporter (correct ones this time :D) went out this eve. Find the advent calendar on the wall not too far from the main teleport signs at the landing point. Use the teleport pad on the floor right below it to TP up to 2500 meters and find the box with the correct day's number.

G-N Quality Design - big board; can't miss it. 

LaRosa - advent stockings with numbers along the welcome desk

There is also an SL INFO advent calendar (different stores apparently) but I can't find any info on that.  Update: Click on the package of the day for the SLURL (Thanks Shay!)

This very fancy Angel Necklace ByKay is from today's number at KittyCat's.


Gemini Lotus



Hello there,

Here is the SL info calendar
Tom said…
You can find the "Avameet Advent Calendar" there:


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