The Advent of Mesh in SL

Did you know that "tubbed" is not a word? How could that be!  I am sure it must be in some more relaxed language. As I was tubbing (also not a real word I see), I was thinking about mesh coming to the grid -- what it could mean, what direction it might take. So after completing my tub (a real word), I decided to put down some thoughts. These are mostly for myself, to look back on at a later date. I have no real seer powers (well, perhaps a few), still it will be fun to read this in a year or so.

But first on my agenda of the morn was to add the word "tubbing" to my email dictionary. Blogger of course isn't smart enough to learn important new verbs *wink*.

Mesh came into world about a week ago with the introduction of the new server codes to all regions. With it came Viewer 3. Kirsten's viewer has already incorporated new codes and the ability to upload mesh on the main grid. Word on the street is that Firestorm will have a mesh viewer ready in a couple of weeks.   Currently the number of folks actually using the new viewer is bound to be small. Some folks simply can't use the official Viewer 3 and others, like me, are waiting for their viewer of choice to incorporate the code.

There will be a fairly long period (just a guess here) of people moving towards the future and the ability to see mesh. Some of us, even with the new viewer, will most likely take it slowly. Mesh clothes work well for photos, but going out into the world in what others will see as a giant round blob covering your body with perhaps some of those body areas invisible because of alpha layers is not my idea of beauty :D.   

I was going to take some photos of what the new mesh objects look like on older viewers (even the current V2 Firestorm) but I don't have to. Here is a great page from the Phoenix folks that shows you the differences. No clothes photos, but you can get the idea.  Also from the Phoenix website:  " There are also one or two Third Party Viewers who are trying to backport mesh capability into the V1 code base and if they succeed that's great!"  What a wonderful thing for people who cannot use the newer viewers.

So the future looks bright, perhaps brighter than we expected a couple of months ago. Most of the luminance is courtesy of the hard working programmers intent on giving us a choice of viewers. Lots of kudos there from me. Content creators fit into the equation of course; without their creativity and energy there would be no mesh products to see.


As I was tubbing *wink*, I was also pondering. With so many possibilities for mesh, what will be the most well received. Since this is a fashion blog for the most part, let's think about clothing. Again, I have not tried any of my new mesh items, gifts or review copies; but I have paid attention to the opinions of others and of course looked at the photos of the new designs using mesh.

The good news of course is that long mesh skirts and such move WITH avatars. The bad news is that mesh garments are static shape and size wise. Every time I read a "some shape tweaking will be needed by most" comment I twinge. Aside from adding a few pounds more than a year ago and changing my hand size to an even 20 so I could wear prim nails occasionally, I am in the same shape I made when I came into world.  Now and then I venture into another shape entirely for theme or effect, but CHANGE myself?

I can't say for sure, but in many cases this will be a deal breaker for me. Then again, the very clever people out there may find a way to add resizers to mesh. So out of my area.  Current vanguard designs seem to be coming in one or two sizes with demos available so you can see how the dress or pants or shirt will work for you. I have seen some designs that looked fantastic on folks and others that looked like they were wearing their big sister's garb; the style lost in translation. I think we need to remember that this is just the beginning, that growing pains are part of new invention and that the creativity and imagination of our populous seems endless.

So aside from all the great cars and furniture and such that can make their way onto the grid, what are the best possibilities for mesh in our wardrobes? Here are a few thoughts. Note that they are just thoughts; I am not a mesh person by any means.

"Barbies"  -  Mod shapes included in with the clothes so that folks can change their faces. Outfit lines made to fit those shapes so that buyers always know things will fit. So "Sultry Sally", "Slim Selina" -- you get the idea.

Complete avatars - Not a new concept by any means, but one that might be better embraced with the advent of mesh. All mesh avatars complete with costumes, you could change your look all at once much like characters in adventure games.

Fantasy figures - This is really my personal favorite for what mesh might bring to the grid. Imagine newly designed centaurs, merfolk, dragons and characters no one has yet dreamed of roaming the world!

Those are my morning musing. May the future of mesh be bright.

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    # by Nissa Nightfire - August 30, 2011 at 2:20 PM

    I rather like the word "tubbing" and might adopt it myself!

    I terribly excited to see new things like Mesh happening, and I like watching people experiment with it. It is actually only since I've been watching the recent fashion posts that I've gotten a really good grip on what Mesh might mean (or not) in my little corner of the grid. And I think we have a longish way to go -- but I'll definitely be interested to watch and applaud the efforts of everyone who is trying something new.

    The whole shape thing is an issue for me with regular-style clothing -- something I hadn't appreciated before. I'm also pretty particular about my shape (as ordinary as it is) and I'm not likely to wear something that looks alien on me. Possibly I'll find some designers whose work just pretty much fits me, and keeps me looking like me. And I suspect some pieces of clothing might work more successfully than others. For example -- a dress, which essentially creates an entire body shape for you, might not be as workable as a separate. And -- as someone I just read recently mentioned -- we're seeing a whole lot of whole-garment meshes ... but what about combining textures and mesh objects to achieve the look you want? I expect we'll see more of that experimentation too.

    So -- I'm interested to watch things develop... but I'm not throwing out my older clothes anytime soon!

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    # by Leonie Zurakowsky - August 30, 2011 at 6:01 PM

    Good piece on mesh! Thanks. I however was unable to parse "tub". Duh! Can you put it into some clarified context for me? Thanks again, Leonie

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    # by Chic Aeon - August 30, 2011 at 9:05 PM

    "Tubbing" to relax in the bathing tub, ponder and release all worries *wink*. I am sure that a translator wouldn't have that definition, but it is mine.