Catching Up

Settling into my new blog (all mine at the moment as Divine is depressed over all the political BRANDING problems). Wonder may drop in on occasion or at least send me a photo or two. It's been a busy week but I wanted to catch you up with two freebie posts that never made a feed and which are still available.

First Off Dutch Touch

In case you haven't heard, Dutch Touch -- Willow Beach 31/224/33, a well known designer of clothes for women -- is now designing menswear. While there isn't too much in that section at the moment, the same famous Dutch Touch look carries through for the fellows. Muted colors abound and the textures are very well done.

There is also a newish subscribe-o-matic at the main store in Willow Beach. When you join the "group" (no nasty spam with the subscription service and that works for me) you are given a gift of these unisex pants. With a little extra work you can garner a few other items. Just check the posts and the items are automatically delivered to you. This extremely nice sweater was a gift as well as some socks (mostly for the gals I think).

Samara Studios Fashion

Samara Studios has a brand new group. And if you choose to join the group, you get a HUGE box of goodies as a welcome gift. Best of all (for me anyway) is a pair of really cute shoes. Yeah!

I didn't have time to photograph everything as I kept crashing (so sorry) but here is one outfit. The tops (three in all with another one being a scooped neck with belt number and another a plain blue long sleeved) come in two layers each. There is also a pair of blue slacks and both those and the beige pants also come as pants as undies (for boot wearing of course). There are some earrings too. A lot of great things and a BIG thanks to Samara for sending them to me.

You can join the group using SEARCH, but you need to actually go to the store in order to pick up your free welcome gift. While there you can also get beach shoes (shoe store natch), a windlight facelight with HUD (by the shapes), free poses (by the photo stage) and a fun all in one No Lag outfit WITH SKIN (in the central clothing area. The link to the store is