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Wintry Nights and Days

I was never much of a snow camper. I remember waking up one morning and having the water bottles INSIDE the tent frozen solid. I do love the outdoors however -- especially the virtual kind where you never really gets too cold or too wet. Cheeky Pea has a new camping set with a variety of fun props suitable for wintry times and on into Spring. Find the Chestnut Winter Camp at COLLABOR88.

One of my favorite pieces is the log with activities. Now most of our real camping blankets aren't this pretty, but we can by stylish -- why not?  The log comes with lots of animation choices including activities like roasting marshmallows.

There are two sleeping bag choices -- pink or blue. The sleeping bag adjusts to fit your body when in use and gets realistically flat when you are out cuddling or whatever *wink*. The igloo in back comes in a natural style as shown as well as one decorated with holiday lighting.

Also in the news is this super fun snowman set. The snow people come in three sizes, with or without message changing signs. They really make me smile. Find them at Sway's and don't forget there is an advent event going on there.The snow people come in a variety of colors including multi-color and weigh in at 3 LI.

Also from Sway's the beautifully crafted train set. Two sizes let you use it around a large tree outdoors or a smaller one inside. The wood textures are lovely and look very much like fine polished woods. There are versions with or without sound. I like the little toot now and then. I have often lived by train tracks and like the hominess of the echoing song.

Original mesh. Isn't it wonderful?

Poses by: the props


Anonymous said…
Hello Chic,

How come you have an igloo in the pic and you are sleeping outside in the open air? Can't be THAT warm or your igloo would melt.

I know, I and photography prevails. :))

Happy 12/12/12

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