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Berry's Bucket Bulletin

Original photo by lady_lbrty (cc)

Back from break (a longer one than it seemed thanks to the miracles of scheduled blog posts) but not in world,  I checked Berry's meme for the week. Bucket lists. Hmmmm.   I did have a few things on my RL list like growing a cantaloupe (not all that easy where I live) but accomplished that one a couple of years ago. OK; not a big cantaloupe but a cantaloupe.

I can only think of one thing that I could put on my list -- having accomplished a lot in my SL lifetime *wink*. That would be dancing in a burlesque show. Chandra however tells me  it is the most difficult thing she has ever done and SHE makes rigged mesh clothing from scratch. Sooooo -- maybe not.

As I was writing this I thought of a couple of things that fall outside the realm of personal accomplishment because they are in the hands of others. I would like to be on the cover of a magazine. The other we'll just leave alone for now. If it happens, I'll let ya know.

Rather than not do the challenge altogether I thought I would comment on Berry's list and note the ones I have done and the ones I so would never do. Fun.

Make a custom skin for myself!  NOT a photoshop gal. I did try long ago, working with a creative commons type template. Just not my thing.

Dance with a Linden and/or Hamlet! Not much into the celeb thing; I usually dance alone and not all that often.

Learn how to make something amazing and mind-blowing in mesh!  Accomplished I think with the two newest house builds (one not quite finished). I, at least, am impressed.

Go to at least 5 good live shows! Accomplished.

Play a part in an SL play! Most likely not. I have acted in a RL movie though so that might count if we do the crossover realities thing. It is pretty much guaranteed that you haven't seen it *wink*.

Have an inworld Art Gallery of some of my work and do some really artistic shots for it!   Accomplished and now no more, but fun. 

Create just one image that I like completely and not be able to find some kind of flaw in it! Accomplished several times. I am evidently not as picky.

Own a sim!  Accomplished albeit through a back door.

Make or be on a Podcast! Accomplished.

Go sailing in SL! Accomplished and yes, lots of fun. 

Play some sort of sport in SL  - I have been skiing if that counts; no group sports. No interest. LOVED the basketball photos that accompanied Berry's post. I went on the same tour looking for a really nice basketball court. Making one it seems is now on my todo list.


OMG so curious to know what movie you were in now, lol!
Chic Aeon said…
Actually I had a starring role which absolutely guarantees that you have not and would not want to see it. It is better however than some of the streaming movies on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. That is not sayin' much. It was a learning experience and all the things you hear about what goes on during the making of a movie ? They are true! Who whoddathought.

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