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Summer is all about being outdoors -- and for some folks, sports. That's not really "me" but this extremely cute pose prop from Diesel Works had you believing I bet. Fooled ya!

Bounce is a rezzable basketball that acts like a multipose ball. Click the ball to get a menu to the next pose; move the ball to adjust the distance from feet to ground.

The ball comes with eight poses and happily it is a SMART ball and let's you know what pose number you are on (I do like that).

You will want to test out the ball of course, so get over to the shop and check them out. Don't forget your sneakers!

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Hair: Exile from last year
Shorts: Decoy
Shoes: K-Code
everything else old hunt prizes :D
Poses by: Diesel Works


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