Boats Bikinis and Windlight

This morning's post is once again brought to you by the Boats and Bikini Expo designers.

Skimpy swimwear is of course part of the Riviera experience and this Thulu Cookini Peach from :{MV}: fits the bill in a semi-modest way *wink*.

The boats in the background are from TUFF, maker of rustic old boats.  I remember wanting a rowboat SO badly when I lived in Winterfell. Alas I couldn't find one. The good news is now there are many to choose from. Check them out in the harbor at the expo.

I had fun with Windlight this morning. The "new rendering system" and I are not all that compatible. Not "me" of course, I am a compatible kinda gal, tis my graphics card that isn't happy. Shadows and mesh often have issues with constant and annoying flicker. It also seems to depend a bit on the Windlight setting. A puzzle that I hope is remedied soon.

For you Firestorm folks, all those new "Places" Windlight settings are the ones I made years ago when I was touring the grid. When they appeared in my viewer I was wondering as I hadn't seen them in a long while, but knew they were on my computer 'somewhere'. A friend confirmed he has them also. It is nice to have them back. Named after favorite sims where I took many photos, sadly many are no longer around. That's the nature of things in our virtual land.

Hair by Lelutka
Earrings by KOSH
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: aDORKable