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Night Music

Newness and freeness and a glimpse at the future --- all wrapped up in shades of night and blood (insert haunting laughter here).

+Blue Blood+ Chesh in BLACK - other BB colors are of course available
eXxEsS MARE hair in jet - many colors available

This really lovely and FREE piano I found on the Marketplace awhile ago.

It has been sitting on my building pad for-e-ver waiting for an appropriate post. My only caveate is that it is built for a largish avatar and so playing doesn't work well for me. It is still beautiful as furniture and YOU might be bigger than I. It comes with songs and animation (not adjustable).

My backdrop is a Gothic house I have been working on. Since it is mesh and I have lots of things to do each day, it is taking awhile. But it is coming along very nicely and I am pleased. It will have materials and non-materials versions. I looked and looked for a new style, mesh abode or church or whatever in this style. I even posted in the want forums, but apparently there isn't much being made. So a do-it-yourself project is underway.

It isn't like I hang out in black and white that often, but were are all the Vampires living these days? One has to wonder. *wink*.

Skin: Akeruka Nora

Poses by: Diesel Works


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