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TGGS Anniversary Hunt

It is the Second Anniversary for The Gallery Gift Shop. I had bookmarked the hunt announcement -- and then, ya know how it is -- I forgot about it. So a trip over late Tuesday eve was in order. I don't go on many hunts these days; no time. But I wasn't going to miss this one as I remember its predecessor.

With lots of great gifts, a small location, plenty of buyables to peruse -- it is great fun. I especially like that the hunt items are all different, frames with photos of the gift's creator. 

I am just showing you a few of the many nice items to be gathered. Go forth and hunt for those paintings.

In this post:

chocolate atelier - free bird tattoo (one of many styles)
Miamai - DarkEyes 01 (one of three dramatic styles)
World's End Gardens :::WEG::: Belle de Jour Noir dress (five sizes)

Alyx Aerallo  Brillante painting
JoHaDeZ draped stool "shy" (many poses and texture change in whites)

Research on how long this is lasting? Well I can't find a thing on the web or even at the shop itself, so get over there while you can :D. 

Hair: Calico Ingman  - Adalia
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable


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