Hot Hot Hot

 Sweltering. That's the word for many of us. Time to strip down and take life easy.

Just out from CIRCA for The Home Show, this new Paradise Reef massage cabana offers relaxation with some gently cooling breezes.

A large choice of accessories let's you add what you need and watch your prim budget if you must. One of my favorite decor iems is this candle and incense decor set.

This is the last of the Hair Fair releases from Discord Designs that  I have to show you. Amazingly it fit perfectly. I am not sure if it is named for a familiar blogger, but look for Deoridhe.

New bracelets and necklace from lassitude & ennui for Zodiac make you want to roar. Leo, lion, roar?  Yep.

Amazing work.

Bikini: SLC
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Diesel Works