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Vanity Hair - Hair Fair

Whenever I need something that I think of as "posh" I look in my Vanity Hair files.  I have a few favorites that I can search for by name and many in that specialty category.

There are three new and very different from each other Hair Fair releases from Vanity Hair. I chose this one because it is definitely in that specialty category -- a hair you remember.

As I perused the colors in the Sonata folder I saw some new additions. Ah HA!  Happily there was also a texture that explained these were "glam colors". I am thinking they are new; that or I completely overlooked them previously (it can happen).

I zipped back over to the fair location (it is actually Friday as I write this) and saw that the pack of glam colors is indeed one of the options for buying. I like these new hair textures! Definitely glamorous and modelesce *wink*.

My earrings are from Eclectica. House in the background from Barnesworth Anubis. Both VERY upscale.

I had to smile at myself as I JUST found the notecard explaining that the G colors are indeed new. Since that notecard asked to please show all three styles, I am going to paste in the vendor photo below. Not my usual thing, but I aim to please when possible and I have at least twenty more new releases (not all hair) to unpack *wink*.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Behavior Body


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