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Mod - Materials and Laundry

I was so VERY thrilled when I rezzed this new wringer bench from Dutchies. I didn't even have to think where to put it; I had THE perfect spot.  Vintage, beautifully textured and quirky -- and I so love quirky!  7 land impact; mod-copy. That's the main part of the story -- and here are my thoughts as I was taking my photos.

First I was thrilled that the bench was modify. I scaled it down just a tad for women-sized avatars *wink* since I am guessing most folks that use this will be my size or smaller. One side of the bench has some great looking sudsy water; the other side is empty. I of course didn't WANT empty and I happily scaled down a "Dutchies Dropped Dress" from awhile back into something that I had washed or was about to -- take your pick. So big points from me for the mod part of the equation.

I set the wringer bench up on the deck of the Bayou Shack, remembered an animation I had for washing hands which worked well and took this shot. If you have visited MOSP you know that there is MUCH more out in the vista besides empty hills. The magic of viewing distance is seen here.

I sent off a quick IM to Dutchie to thank her for the great addition to Peaceful Valley, and she mentioned playing with materials.

Ah, HA!  Now to be honest I wouldn't have noted the materials part of the texturing as I am not using the LL viewer on a daily basis. I use it when "I" build as I need to -- in order to see materials.

I LOVE the new materials option that will hopefully be a part of our everyday lives in the months to come. These washer tubs are an excellent example of what can be done with materials.

Click that photo for a larger version.

As much as I am looking forward to seeing materials on a daily basis, I won't be in that camp for awhile yet. I just read that Firestorm is holding off on adding materials because of all the "issues" and jiras out there. I, personally, haven't noted any giant problems except with the facelight - SL lighting problem and that's pretty easy to avoid.

If the LL viewer would do the twenty or so things that I use hourly when taking photos or filming, I would be there. But while I have tried, I find that I cannot take a picture as well in the LL viewer and certainly not as easily. It is in part my workflow -- thousands of hours of one way make it hard to change.

So, for those of you using a materials viewer, know that this looks astounding with materials turned on. And for all the rest of you waiting for alternative viewers or the computer upgrade fairy to visit -- this looks really really good in our plain old-style viewers. And that is a great thing!

Dress: a very very vintage hunt prize from Betty Page Voyager
Hair: also vintage from Maitreya

Pose (hand washing) by: Dyer Maker (Marketplace only now)


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