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Touring with Rodvik


Berry's meme this week is more of an adventure than a writing exercise and I have to admit I haven't been getting a lot of adventure these days. Aside from some filming and picking up a couple of hunt items, I have been a stay at home gal. It's easy to do when you have over fifty "sets" to take photos on - LOL. Both good and bad.

I had a just off the sewing machine sci-fi-esce cat suit from Blue Blood (many colors, optional mask and on the TATTOO layer!), so I decided to take a tour of some of the appropriate locales in my Photo Ops>Sci Fi  folder -- and do a little inventory cleaning along the way.

My lead shot as you probably recognize is from INSOLICO.  Next on to LPP neo where I crawled around in the murky water of a post apocalypse time.

I set myself a few extra challenges on the tour. No shadows (that current issues thing), the same size photo and no playing with the Windlight sliders. It was interesting but I think it worked pretty well.

This last shot if from Drill Factory which has been around for-e-ver. All these places have old builds but they are still picturesque and mood providing in their own right. And yes, sadly --  quite a few landmarks went into the trash as they were no more.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Hair by ploom
Shoes by SLX

Poses by: Diesel Works.


Wow, really sexy outfit you have on there! And thanks for showing him around. :D
lol somehow Rod seems to fit right in!

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