July Venues

A new month brings with it new venues -- sometimes REALLY new venues *wink* and this month we have The Home Show as well as FLUX. Later: Here's the SLURL.

Lots of newness at The Home Show and I have picked out a few items from Trompe Loeil and Cheeky Pea to give you a taste. Now these are not the only things available from those shops so you will of course want to stop by. These -- I have to admit -- are items that fit well into my current abode (one that shifts from time to time much like FLUX); a little bit too soon for a segue so keep that thought. 

The Trompe Loeil - Pallet Chairs come in brown as well as white for you shabby chic folks. Cushions and throw are texture change and there are both single and couple poses. They look great in my renovated warehouse.

The accessories (tables, super cute plant weighing in at 1 LI and hanging chalkboards) are from Cheeky Pea, parts of a big release. I know that many of you will be heading over to see all the new goodness, so be sure and take a look at these extremely nice items. The details are all superb.

Now I have to admit that I didn't know much about FLUX. Actually I still don't. I did know that there was a venue for poses going on (July 2 is the opening as I write this July 1). From their webpage it does seem like sort of a secret which kinda explains why I have no landmarks from folks that are participating. So a mystery and that is fun in itself. It looks like you will be able to find the landmark to the moving venue on the website by the time you read this.

My pose is one of a very cute set with the poses entitled "I" "CANT" "GET" "A" "SIGNAL" (how clever is that?). The cell phone comes with, natch. Look for the SIGNAL set from PRETENSE.

I had this post all scheduled when I turned around in my home to notice the jumbo lamp. Now, honestly, this is my favorite Cheeky Pea release for The Home Show so I had to snap a photo to show you. Most of the time I am making furniture smaller but in this case I made the already super-sized light fixture a tad larger so that it fit perfectly with the recently released bistro set from Trompe Loeil.  Their items really do work well together!

My outfit is a mix of mostly vintage wear. I have some newness to show you in the clothing arena, but nothing that fit the feel of this shoot. And, I have begun another inventory purge. Shoes are done and I am 700 items lighter (wow). Among the oldies though, there are still some keepers. This cropped top was actually part of a sculpted tunic. Now, the sculpts are definitely outdated. We have given up -- thankfully -- items cutting into our bodies and moving at very odd angles. But the base top is still very nice. I paired it with some older PARADISIS jeans and some hair that I won in last year's Hair Fair contest. All casual. My boots are from CARGO on the Marketplace.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: PRETENSE at FLUX-Americana