Hair Break


For those of you that have more fun decorating your abode than picking out new ways for you locks to be presented (as in hair guys) -- I give you a homewares post. Yeah.

First up a cute chair from Trompe Loeil out at Atelier Kreslo until August 13th.

The new Branch Chairs area available in Greenleaf, Blueleaf, and Redleaf!
Each chair features all new exclusive poses from Adorkable Peapod of Adorkable Poses, and their whimsical design makes a unique artistic statement in any room of your home, inside or outdoors!

I was very happy to see that Adorkable Peapod hasn't quit working altogether!

My outfit is from Ducknipple featured a couple of days ago. A couple clicks on the color change huds and magic - new look!

Also in the news are some new releases from [CIRCA] which you can find at The Home Show. This outdoor shower features both single and couple animations. The plants are separate from the build so they can be moved as you like or even used in another part of your home.

The colorful peacocks are so cute. They look hand painted and go very nicely in the new seaside cottage with the nautical theme.

Chairs by Trompe Loeil.

Click for a larger photo.