Black and White in the Kitchen

The Challenge designers are at it again with this month's theme of "Black and White".  Collections are definitely in the mix with many accessories for your home.   First up is a great pairing from !!Follow Us!! (the Happiness kitchen in black) and the ~*~ Inspired ~*~ (Shades of Gray set).

Many merchants offer discounts during the first week of the round, so be fast like a bunny.

Details abound in the happiness kitchen. I am thinking it will be perfect in Sound Stage One along with the industrial dish rack from Second Spaces!

The Ottoman  with blanket is 4 prims and is loaded with 9 animations and props.

My outfit which I haven't really shown off too well is a new release from Ducknipple, the Overdress. It comes in a large variety of jumper colors with a hud that let's you change the short sleeved sweater color. Don't worry, this is my official "Black and White" outfit so you will be seeing it a lot in upcoming posts.

and here's BIG ADDENDUM!   *wink*

 As I was picking up the furniture I noticed the little hand icon. Oh my! What might this do?

Notecard?  Noooooo :D. Experimentation is the key.

It does TONS of stuff. You can bake and slice and stir and more. Each activity places new items on the work counter and offers props to your inventory.

So, the happiness kitchen isn't "just" cute, it is a fun prop and I am doing a very happy little dance.

There is even a couples menu.

Now I didn't explore that too much but I did manage to round up a volunteer for this photo -- one that was happily dressed in white and gray already, you can't beat that.

I took more photos of cooking activities but you really need to explore all the possibilities yourself, so hop on over to !!Follow Us!! if you are a cooking kinda gal (or guy) who also loves grayscale.

I of course am in both camps!

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Hair: ploom

Poses by: the ottoman and the kitchen counter

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    # by Traversing Dreams - August 6, 2013 at 8:07 AM

    Outstanding Job! I love it! - Krysta from ~*~ Inspired ~*~