Bonus Post: FLUX


Thanks to a designer, I found FLUX. Now there is a subscribo that most likely let's ya know where the event is *wink*. But hey, I like serendipity. When I heard there was a pink motel, I was on my way.

Stepping back in time to a part of the country where I once lived, it was a great visit. The landscape is quirky and so are the products for sale. It is a mostly for fun venue, and that works for me.

The theme is Americana and these short short dresses (yes, I would call them tops) caught my eye for their muted tons of years gone by.

I absolutely LOVE my Road To Nowhere sign and it has starred in a couple of films  -- one just finished today.

I am also from the Northwest so these signpost absolutely made me smile. I especially like the "Really Muddy" sign. Been there many times!

If memory serves Weather or Not started out in the Portland sim, not the very first one, but the one after that. I remember hunting for goodies there.

So get ready to put a smile on your face and head over to FLUX. Take your camera -- for sure!

My extremely pretty and motel matching dress will be shown again in a couple of days as I already have the photos taken. It has many sisters in patterns and hue but this was a instant pick for me. The SLC Mesh Summer Dress Anni is on special this weekend. Yeah!

Hair: Finya by EMO-tions
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable