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Advent Hotlist - Day 10

Lots of goodness out today on and about the trees!

For daring gals, EMO-tions has this great outfit which includes laced leggings. Add some boots and head on over to your favorite RP area. There is also a very nice long and flowing hair out for guys (girls can wear it also) in black. So a BLACK day at EMO-tions :D. 

Please note that my helpers are no longer checking Ruxy or ALB as they have been set to group. So don't miss those if you are part of the group or want to join.

A cute purple mesh jumpsuit  (mid length pants) is out today from Needful Pixels. Etremely nice textures, the top edge is in that solid mode so you may need to adjust your shape for this.

OR if you have a cute open jacket that would fit over it, that might work.

Some smaller and more sedate nails are out from Formanails today. Black and white for the most part, they have tiny kitty cat designs.

ALSO Dion found that there are lucky boards and chairs at the Formanails shop (a big group of folks evidently alerted her) so check those while you are there. 

From LC Fashion, this cute party dress with fishnet stockings.

This can also be worn as a tight dance dress (with mini skirt prim) and no empire skirt.

Too many great things to show them all today (not a bad thing).


Really nice wall graphic from Sways (white and gray); I will be picking up mine for sure.

Cute kitty necklace at Kittycats (je suis).

A photo tree from Le Cock (adult) (you need to unpack manually as it is a no copy item). 

Storaxtree has a pretty muted red and green delicate lamp (Victorianesce).

Kinart has snowy tails and it seems like a mini hunt for other gifts going on.

Not all shops got a visit this morning as many were down for restarts and trying got tiresome -- so sayeth Di after two crashes and a freeze. 

Poses by: LAP (nla), Sys


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