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Shades of Golds

I am standing outside in the snow in front of the new Barnesworth Anubis "cottage" for COLLABOR88. Now it is so not a cottage; it is a very roomy family home. Well I guess the super posh folks might possibly call it a cottage *wink*, but certainly not I.

My new hotpants and tartan top outfit from ArisAris isn't going to keep me very warm, but we don't need to WORRY about that! Ain't it great? "Get In" comes as a set but you could wear the items separately. Together they are just darling. So darling that I the tomboy shaped gal adjusted my measurements to comply with the curves needed. So cute!

I also love this delicate leaf necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai. Look for Dewdrop at We Love RolePlay.

My hair is a brand new release from Vanity Hair, La Latina -- perfect for Salsa dancing or pretty much any other activity. Tons of great colors to choose from of course.

The [ba] home features a patio and multi-paned windows (happily we can enjoy those without the washing detail). Inside  details abound and there is -- of course -- a built in fireplace as well as a large wall hutch.

But as I said, this is a BIG house and there is plenty of room for a second traditional heating source. How about another one in a bedroom?

This is the new set from Atelier Visconti for The Garden. The textures are gorgeous and the details superb. I especially like the decor pieces; check those out even if you don't have need for bigger furnishings at the moment. Texture change huds let you match fabric to your decor.

Poses by: Wetcat, !bang


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