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Getting Smutty

Once in awhile a new hair comes along that really feels like "me".

This is Flawless by Vanity Hair. I can feel a new profile picture in the future *wink*.

Chandra gave out a very special holiday gift to her group. I am not in her group, but I am "special". NO, she didn't say that, but I know I am. Anyway we were joking a lot in IMs the other day and she asked me a question about "smut". I told her I didn't do smut except for her.

Now this is very tasteful "smut", I mean don't I look like a candy cane? But in the interest of Iheartsl's safe for work policy, I am adding a cut here.

 (Note to self to make sure this works.)

So that didn't work :D. Taking out the cut and the feed to Iheartsl!
This is the !dM Shibari - ropeHarness (simplest version). Checking the group, it is free to join. Stop by deviousMind or look up the group in search.

See those pretty feet? They are in great part a gift from the GOS group. The holiday gift was a very generous store credit. I added a little more to get these bare feet. The color matching of skins on the web worked great (I am SO not good at that). So happy girl with happy feet.

Poses by: Everglow


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