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It is a couple hours later and I am adding to this earlier post. Going through the exact same steps now let's me log in to Flickr with no new TOS. It also accesses my Flickr account in the OLD way with no issues.  I have no idea what was going on, but happily it seems to be fixed for now.

Perhaps enough folks yelled and they decided it was all a bad move. If so, power to the people -- we get so little these days.  If this was a mandated change on the "view our new interface" message that kept popping up over the last week or so, I guess they got their answer.

Hoping so anyway.

Then again just by logging in WITHOUT OKing the TOS, I may have "signed" it. Oh my!   


Have you been to Flickr today?

Not only did they change the layout on the photo page -- which NO ONE few seem to like judging by the feedback comments. There is a new TOS to agree to; they apparently signed everyone out automatically. Now many of my friends have already stopped using their Yahoo mail accounts because of the new Yahoo TOS. So I was aware it wasn't a good one.

THANK YOU SECOND LIFE for making many of us So Very Aware of possible nasty agreements.

So, the bottom line is that I cannot even log into my Flickr account to close it. This will definitely be impacting my blogging as there is oftentimes a "Flickr account" box that needs to be checked and even an agreement to upload photos TO Flickr if you want to be approved for official blogger status. Hopefully event coordinators will take a second look at that rule.

Oh well. Don't say you haven't been warned this time.



Quentina said…
So how did you get back to the "old" style and which old style are you referring to? The old old (last year) or the new old (this year)? I'd love the old old!

Also, I don't see any new TOS but I'm logging in with a Google account. I hate Yahoo!
Chic Aeon said…
I WISH I could tell you. I didn't do anything differently than this morning. This morning accessing my thumbnail photo page (I have that set as the default view) I got an all black screen with a sidebar which I did not like (also in black) and I couldn't do anything besides look at pictures without logging in THROUGH YAHOO and accepting their new TOS.

A few hours later I tried once again and got the same "this year's old" interface as I have been using for many months. Honestly, I did seem to click on a photo and actually get LAST year's older interface. I was so happy just to get in let alone get my familiar interface back .....

So really NO CLUE what happened but I hope it stays this way. As far as I could tell, "I" didn't do anything -- they switched something at their end. I normally log in with a Google account too (actually I stay logged in.

This afternoon I tried logging in with my old email at yahoo (what it was set up with long ago) and that seemed to work. As I say, but USING that email I "may" have somehow OKed the TOS. If so it was beyond sneaky so hopefully not.

Good luck. Maybe they will forget all of this :D. Hope so.

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