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Christmas Expo 2

Apologies but once again Blogger is washing out all jpg files (for me anyway). And here I thought that was fixed. Please click the smaller pngs below to get full-sized photos.

While there are plenty of holiday themed goods at the Christmas Expo, not all is green red and snowy. You can find almost anything here including this lovely new Vanite' Set from Atelier Visconti. An extensive choice of colors and textures can be had via huds. See all the options and try out the poses -- at the EXPO of course. At 16 land impact for the whole grouping it is a terrific value.

These very pretty items, perfect for your shabby chic abode hale from Marmelade.

This cute elf lounging outfit is perfect for curling up by the fire on a snowy eve.

Haley Plaid clothing (a version for guys is also available) by Carrie's Lingerie.

Fireplace and tree (much taller in actuality; I scooted into the ground for this shot) can be found at DaD DESIGN.

There really IS something for everyone at the event. Fantasy items mix with grunge and haute couture. And some stores simply make you smile.

This Tiny Transport is really fun. Find it at  Laudanum Lollipops.

Poses by: furniture and aDORKable


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