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Advent Hotlist - Day 23

OK. I admit it. While Bee did HER job in a timely manner, the blogger was sleeping in. But never fear a plethora of wonderfulness awaits you today.

On the Advent Hunt from LaRosa, this very lovely holiday gown. It comes with jewelry and nails. Small reindeer; large store, Bee says to look in a room with jewelry.

* EMO-tions - punky brown hair for girls, dragon earring for guys (or gals)

* Vivanne - handkerchief shirt in turquoise

* LC Fashion - a long skirt with COLOR CHANGING HUD

* Loordes of London - a simply gorgeous short dress don't miss it.

In the home, garden and prop arena the winner is StoraxTree with this very pretty vintage set.  Oh, ALL the StoraxTree gifts will be available the 24th and 25th. So if you missed one, you will have a chance to pick it up.

With so many great things, I would check all the places but here are some of note:

* 22769 - small cabin skybox room with misty mountain view

* Abranimations - couples piggyback set (I don't want to miss this)

* Fallen Angel - large white angel wings

* Ginza - tennis bracelet bangles in various colors

* KittyCats (Callie) - diamond kitty ears

* Kinzart - plushie for your collection

* Sway's - Christmas fence (better check my answer list - very cute)

My advent list (you MUST have it bookmarked by now) is here:

Poses by: aDORKable


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