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Shades of Chocolate

This really looks like a composite photo doesn't it? Well it isn't; it is a lovely inworld shot taken at Mad City which happily has MUCH less lag than the rainy version some months ago. The architecture is stunning and the snowy trees quite beautiful.

Now I had planned on taking this photo amidst a confectionery, but search didn't get me where I wanted to go so I settled for another snowy scene. It was 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit at 6 AM in the typist's world. That is NOT the normal weather pattern. Happily the busy fingers are in a warm room and not outside. It IS sunny and quite beautiful out my window though.

The new release for COLLABOR88 from BAIASTICE is ZOE. Choose from a high necked sweater with underneath turtleneck built in or the leggings and short skirt combo. Both come in a large variety of colors that coordinate nicely with previous releases -- giving you even more mix and match ability.

The Ellen ankle boots work well. I added an older necklace from KOSH.

Oh, and for those of you on Blogger, I think I figured out the jpg issue. It seems that in its wisdom the blogger uploader is adjusting the lights and darks on jpgs (not pngs) so that if you are trying for a mysterious shot it simply washes out the darks and lights. If you increase your brightness and contrast, you can bypass it "smartness" :D. Well see if that continues to work.

Poses by: aDORKable and LAP (nla)


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