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Do what you say. Say what you mean. 

That's a good credo and I do my best to live by it.

There are many kinds of contracts -- and no this isn't a TOS post. That click through was a contract of sorts, one we are living with.  Our initial service agreement was indeed the first contract in this virtual world with many more to follow.

Whenever we take a job, enter a skill based contest, rent a piece of land -- we are part of a contract.   If you have read this blog over the years you know I get a little peeved (OK, I have been known to skim the atmosphere at times) when folks go back on their word.

There have been times when contests have obviously been rigged, times when there were no prizes awarded, times when the rules changed unbeknownst to those entering. All, in my mind breach of contracts -- at least morally.

There have been jobs completed without delivery of promised compensation. There have been shady land deals averted. There haven't been any broken pledges of love and fidelity for me, but friends tell other tales.

Why is it so easy for some people to cheat from behind a computer screen? Do they think it doesn't matter? That the characters walking around on the pixelated surface aren't real, hence they cannot feel hurt, disappointment, anger?

Whether you celebrate a recognized holiday this time of year or let the festivities pass you by, it is often a time of reflection.

Let past experiences go. Make your promises thoughtfully.

Keep them.

Do what you say. Say what you mean.


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