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Garden Goodness

There is plenty going on over at The Garden these days.  One of my favorite releases is a collaboration between Consignment and Cheeky Pea, Quiet Night.

Along with the general comfortable feeling of the set, there are the details -- and you know how I love details!

Both couch and -- wait for it -- HIDE-a-Bed come in fabric as well as leather, both in neutral shades to blend with many decors.  Adult and family versions are available. There are sitting poufs and a rug as well.  I added a different floor covering courtesy of Storaxtree as it went so well with the wall decal from Little House of Curios.

The set includes a very detailed entertainment area with lots of built in decor. If you don't actually watch videos, you can easily replace the video prim with a painting or photograph.

There are pose props and gatchas outside the entrance and lots of furnishings indoors. One item I particularly liked was these marquee letters from 7. 


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