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POE - My Top Ten - 1

I finished the POE Hunt on Sunday the 10th. It was a long journey, mostly pleasant. While I can't honestly say that there was a ton of wonderful stuff, it was fun to visit the shops -- some that have been around since POE started and some new or new to me. Most of the shop owners were generous and fair with the placing of their globes. As always, there were a few that made it very very difficult for you to find their prizes. Remember that there are hints on the POE website.

I have already showed you a fair amount of POE gifts this last week or so. My plan -- now that I have about 200 boxes opened and more or less categorized (OK, some are just littering my building pad, but that in its own way is a "let's keep this" category)  I plan to show you my favorites. I will be featuring items that "I" will be keeping as well as ones I think my friends should go look for and a few that are just notable for their creativity. There were many more wearables for women than any other category in this hunt so you will be seeing mostly that.

This will be a Top Ten Percent or so -- not items -- feature; perhaps a bit more. 

Up first and starting at the end of the hunt as that is what I unpacked today ---

Addiction Sideways Peace Necklace (#202)
* ! Shellac - Frost Fest Silver and Frost Fest Snowflake Layer (multi tattoo layers) (#191)

* DG Designs (#197)  Princess coat and folded ankle boots. There are also some stockings but they were too "girlie" for me *wink*. (Note: I needed to use an alternate boot alpha. May just be the database, but be prepared for that)

* Zen Creations (#190) Peace On Earth Tree -- There are poses in the pillows. Boxes are separate should you be low on prims OR should you want MORE bounty in your grouping. There are many lovely trees on this hunt but this one impressed me for its creativity.

Poses by: aDORKable


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