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POE - My Top Ten - 5

This very pretty dress from Sassy (#126) led me on a reminiscent journey.

There was a time a few years ago - maybe three or four - when designers from the other side of the globe were in the forefront of SL fashion. The blogs were filled with their lovely creations; sometimes little girl, sometimes traditional, sometimes modern. Beanie Loves Japan was a very popular fashion blog at the time and I spent a good amount of time watching lucky boards in the oriental neighborhoods of SL. I miss that.

Doing a quick search tells me that a few are still around; perhaps our worlds just don't collide as much as they did back then.

This  LavandaChic (#168) *Kokeshi Peace & Love* definitely made me smile so I really needed to include it in this post.

Happily the theme of this styling lead me to my old stomping ground of Edo Japan, where when I had no home, I did my blogging from their very nice sandbox.

This purse comes with a excellent hold that actually lets you walk with ease. Oh my!

These Bliensen + MaiTai (#033) Ison - Earrings work nicely with the Sassy dress.

Some perfect hair was lurking in my closet, from a historic hair hunt awhile back. Alli & Ali is the shop to check; it might still be available.

Blossom sandals by lassitude & ennui.

Poses by: Diesel Works and LAP (nla)


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