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Advent Hotlist - Day 7


* EMO-tions - long auburn hair (stocking cap hair for the guys which is most likely unisex)

* **{FORMANAILS}** - BRASSKNUCKLE XXL for dangerous gals

* Viviane  - Michelle short black mesh dress (early sizing)

And here's a tip courtesy of Bee. If you find your favorite stores and don't gad about too much (well there is THAT part of the equation), they will all be in your Teleport History from the day before. Another alternative would be to make landmarks and put them all in Favorites so that they will appear in your top navigation bar. 

Also out today and noteable:

Kinzart has a complete alternative avatar with tail and mystical symbols. A BIG crowd there this morning. 

Storaxtree has a Farmers chair to go with yesterday's table (only a guess by the name - she didn't unpack yet). You can no longer get older gifts so visit daily.

Sway's has a very pretty table setting for the holidays.

Poses by: aDORKable


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