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Advent Hotlist - Day 17

No two ways about it, a tough day for an Advent post :D.  On the plus side I figured out that I could move the mask around the photo plane (well duh!) and I did get a lovely picture.

*Formanails has some really cute black and white checked nails out today. Plain which I like more often than not and I'll be heading over to pick up those.

*Ginza has a very pretty necklace out. This matches the hair flowers from some time back.

My Advent list is here:

It's a big day for updated posts I see; must be something in the stars!

Courtesy of Bee, two more items that weren't available this morning. Good news for this first one, pants from KittyCats (Sn@tch) and will be available through the month so no giant hurry. Three patterns of leg bottoms (zebra and maybe cheetah are the others).

This cute phone prop (makes noise when you click the dial) is from Loordes of London. It wasn't set for sale this morning so it MAY be left out another day for those that missed it and are now sleeping :D.

That's the update.



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