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L'accessoires Xmas Hunt

I COULD make this a very simple post with no photos and the words


and that would suffice. But really where's the fun in that?  I bumped my POE picks post for the day which many of you seem to love because I am so enthused over this hunt.

Now I didn't do the whole hunt -- well actually I "did" the complete hunt, I just didn't find all the prizes. A few store were very very large and I couldn't find the santa hat, one had its item not set to sale (I wrote the owner on that to let them know). But what I did find was superb!

AND the stores - many which I hadn't visited previously - were both upscale and fun to peruse while looking for the red and white chapeau.

I had lots of fun taking these photos -- and indeed, on the short hunt. Here's the deal. You go to L'accessoires which is just gorgeous this round. Click on the santa hats for each store to get the store landmarks and a hint.  Then go forth.

Here are the credits:

Hat: BaObA
Earrings: Modern.Couture
Shoes: Essenz
Necklaces (four different colors and styles): MiWardrobe
Avatar: AZOURY

NOW, let's talk hair a bit. My sleek and very modelesce hair is a newish release from Vanity Hair called After Dark.  The minute I opened it, I squeed "Haaat Haaair!" and was very happy. I have just been waiting for a hat to show it off with. You of course don't NEED a hat, but it works beautifully. So keep that in mind. Lots of gorgeous colors by hud.

Poses by: aDORKable


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