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It is Thursday.

I have no Op Ed post written for Sunday.
What to do?

Well I don't actually HAVE to wax poetically each weekend, but since folks appear to enjoy my musings I will once again.

A forum post on another grid lead me on a thoughtful journey. The writer was mentioning the money he had made on that platform and that he typically, being a creator, made what he needed and hadn't spent any money in that world.

Now I am not a big shopper on any platform, real or virtual. I honestly don't believe much in "stuff"; I think many of us have too much "stuff" :D. I don't shop much in Second Life as I have a plentiful and ever expanding inventory from some of the best creators on the grid. I haven't shopped much in other worlds because, "A" there was nothing I wanted to buy or "B" I have been too busy building.

Berry asked in a meme some time ago what one item you would save from your inventory if you could only keep one thing. I am not sure what I said at the time, but in actuality it would be ----


I have only purchased one item in Cloud Party, mesh eyelashes. Truth be said I would have been very happy with traditional old fashioned eyelashes but I really did want those fluttery appendages even if we don't bat them all that much virtually.

In InWorldz my first (and only so far) purchase has been eyelashes.  There was a time when the typist would never, NEVER, leave the house without earrings. With no holes punched, I had to remember to clip something on as I exited the door. I am not sure I wore earrings going to the gym, but for every other outing, they were a must.

We are a vain bunch, most of us anyway. We have our quirks and our ego needs.

Mine, in the virtual world, are from Amacci.


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