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12 Day Calendars

With a short list of 12 Day events at hand, I asked my gals to check in their groups to see if there were any unforetold calendars that they could contribute to the list. Along they way not only did they find new calendars but some lovely group gifts. So much to report.

There are others that may join this list but in the past there have been advertisements for events that never happened, so we are waiting until we FIND the calendars before posting.  Meanwhile add these to your rounds should they be of interest.

Here is our list in progress.

Christmas Countdown at Sn@tch with a present a day under the tree (so four) with gift available for past days.

That Tree at Cosmo is up with presents to be added to daily for awhile. Some really wonderful items can be found. All the info in this post.

IT! Jewelry (follow the snowflakes) has some very pretty items with a preview board in the room before the tree and calendar. No group needed. There appear to be some COLLARS for covering neck seams coming up so be sure and check!

Kittycats Community Tree is now open. Presents from folks in the Kittycat community, many kitty themed (well naturally!).  Buy for $0.

JUMO -  (I used to hang around there a lot years ago) just started a 12 days calendar. Right click and buy for 0.
This lovely formal and jewelry set is today's gift. This changes at NOON. 

Chop Zuey - three boards with one that needs no group. It appears that gifts for both gals and guys will be in the single open to all calendar; the group boards are one for male, one for female.

Baby Monkey - no group needed. Buy for $0 on current advent day

Olive - (hefty group fee) tiny box in back of counter for one a day presents.

altamura - currently (now) set to group only, one gift a day in a box under the SMALL tree (not the big tree :D). Pay group but free head for women at eBento event.

Not a 12 day event, but you can pick up all the previous gifts (homewares) plus a new gift each day at Yasum. Jump on the teleporter at the landing point and choose "Advent Calendar" to find you gifts. This is a group calendar. My gals were already in the group and didn't check but it traditionally is free to join.

More on the horizon, I will add to this list so bookmark maybe :D.

Poses by: aDORKable


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