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Free Full Body Male Altamura Avatar

Bro Gifts

Typically, the guys get left out of a lot or presents. They buy less -- there is less to buy -- it is an endless circle.

Once again altamura comes to the table with a gorgeous full body mesh avatar for guys. This one has darker skin and a beautiful one it is.

I have spent the day with some guy friends (one more to go LOL), getting them started with their new and improved looks. Along the way I found out a few things which will be handing when I put together my OWN altamura guy avatar.  Like previous full body avatar release gifts from the brand that is doing a very good job working its way into the "known" mesh body and heads brand list, this comes with a very nice and easy to use (and fast) hud.

You have some options and with some experimentation can get quite a few mesh clothes fitting well. in the list of possibles that we tried out today are a nice black Tee from JUSTICE at the Linden Hop and Shop as well as a hoodie with many colors by hud from etham - also at the Hop and Shop AND the necklace from Lapointe & BastChild Designs.  

As you can see the pants from MEVA (Was it only yesterday? Maybe the day before.) look great!  So smart of my friend to pick those up "for the future".

The one important option missing on the gift version is the ability to change skin. Now this is a great looking skin, but then again not everyone wants to look the same.

altamura AARON body and Akeruka ARON head :D
Now I had a friend using the previous altamura body AND he had the gift head from Akeruka (awhile back). I was wondering how well these would work together.

It took a bit of trying but as long as you wear the Akeruka hud along with the skin applier -- and of course turn OFF the altamura head, lashes, hair etc, it works very well. This is a 7 Deadly S[k]ins applier in EARTH that matches really well. So there is a hint there.

This is not the final look for either of my friends, but it is a good start. Rumor has it  -- from past experience -- that the full version of this body (with the ability to use appliers) may be in a pre-release to group at a reduced price. Here's hoping!  Meanwhile there is NO excuse for folks to keep their legacy bodies -- unless of course they are attached to nostalgia (and that's OK too).

One note, these bodies come with huds for hands and mouths and you really DO need to wear the hands one so that you won't have splayed hands all the time. The hud is small and you can move it out of the way.

altamura full male avatar GIFT

This shot shows directly out of the box using the default shape (important to use that as a starting place - for head parameters like mouth :D) OR copy the head numbers over and add to your own shape.

This is the altamura - teleport hub gift.  Right out of the box, no changes at the present.

My alt noted the lag when she went to check out today's altamura Advent gift. Low and Behold, this gorgeous avatar for the guys. It is $10 to join the teleport hub group --- which is a great group to be in ANYWAY :D.

Pants in "out of the box" photo by aphorism (old).


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