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Advent Day 22

This Moon Chair can be yours today at Sway's. Hopefully you found Day 22's star! Don't forget to wear your hud.

Other great holiday gifts include a Sway's cocoa cup from earlier in the month and these oh so comfy sweats from Coco, a gift at FaMESHed.

Group gifts abound this holiday season and these two make a very pretty picture.

From {what next} a VIP Group, the Winter Bird Feeder (snowy). A non-snowy version is also included for those living in sunnier climes. The birdhouse comes in white; I tinted here for better photo contrast AND to coordinate with my winter abode which sits nearby but outside the picture plane :D. The birds are animated!

Bee's warm and cozy knits are a group gift from Coco.

Top hair Tableau Vivant, bottom eXxEsS

Poses by: aDORKable and the chair


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