Dining FLF Style

Ittttttt's Friday!

Out for Fifty Linden Friday from Sway's, two collections.

The Judith Table and Chair (four colors of complimentary woods - white is constant)

The Judith Table Settings (three colors).

My outfit includes:

***ArisarisB&W~Alus32~Glastonbury Boho Pant with a variety of mesh body sizes but NO Lara (I am wearing eBody which magically worked for me so give the demos a try).  Many textures by hud including some fun bright prints which I really like, but we pick what works for the photo :D.

Mosquito's Way - Maxine Shoe at Tres Chic
Valentina E. Sara top

And .Enfant Terrible. Lotties darling necklace available on the B P E  SL Hunt.

Hair: Cleo by Wasabi Pills who is having a sale of older hairs. I got one for each of my alts an they are looking good.

Pose by: Di's Opera