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ROIRO - "L'annulaire" Collector

the collector - looking out

There is a new kid on the block in H and G. Possibly not new, possibly not a kid but DEFINITELY notable. ROIRO first came on my radar with the gorgeous holiday tree at The Chapter Four. It decorated my abode and appeared in many, many Advent posts.

Then I noted the extremely well-made and creative gacha set at Cosmopolitan. Being a smart little blogger I always return to the Cosmo blogger room during the event, sometimes to pick up an item that I didn't think would fit into a post and sometimes to see "what's new". I was SUPER thrilled to find this set appearing late in the event.

the collector gacha set

I don't often spend half a day setting up a photo shoot. Actually I can't remember EVER doing that - LOL. But I have a plan you see and that includes moving this over to MOSP in January. It will fit in perfectly to the Terradale landscape and storyline.

It is a big set with 29 items including the building and a hud to change textures on the building and interior. Very classy. The build is beautifully detailed and textured with great LODs (doesn't fall apart at a veining distance)and low land impact mesh (around 78 for the complete set rezzed). You can rez on the floor :D.

It should be noted that the building has cast shadows backed in which will conflict with viewer shadows. I added a rug from one of my gachas to mediate this some.

There is a fashion section to this post too. Also noteworthy, the PLASTIX - Lorenin Dress at Tres Chic. This fits beautifully everywhere -- AND how many dresses could be challenged by this pose and not split in the back? I was amazed. Kudos for sure.

A new hair release from eXxEsS is a perfect companion, with fluttery tendrils mirroring the feathers in the hem. Add a sassy ponytail and this is a fun style for many occasions.

The Samira Necklace from Kunglers is both delicate and ladylike and comes in various gemstones. If you missed it at Cosmopolitan last round it is now on the easy to shop Marketplace and likely at the main store :D.

Landforms environment by ChiC buildings available in January.

Poses by: flowey [nla] and Diesel Works [nla]


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