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Advent Day One

advent day 1

Changes Changes -- and some things stay the same.

There have been quite a few updates to my Advent 2017 list, with the big one being about MEVA. But before we get to that, the not to surprisingly hard to track down Kittycat's Calendar WILL be happening.

Sorry looks like that was bad info from the official KittyCat's support staff :( 

On the Kittycat's blog and found in the group archives is this quote: " In years past, we've had the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar. This year we've decided to take a break from doing the calendar. Instead we've got something really special planned for a little later in the month that we think you will all really enjoy. Smile"

I signed up my alt to the Kittycats group to watch for the announcement and I will update as needed -- but NO Advent Calendar.

What I THOUGHT might be a Kittycat's Calendar is actually a WoW Skins store calender WITH NO GROUP NEEDED.  So be sure and stop by there.

ENTICE is tricky and you could end up paying $25 if you don't make sure that you have the correct tag on. So fair warning ^^.

Along with my pretty picture of the day, be sure and stop by Purple Moon if you are a member (or want to become one) and pick up some lovely ruby and diamond "ball gown" earrings. If you are lucky you will have an occasion to wear them during the holiday season.

Now to some happy surprise news. The traditional 12  Days calendar at Meva's has gone to 24 days AND there is now a gift for gals and a gift for guys. These are in separate cabinets but pick up both as you never know what will work for you.

Case in point? Today's gals gift was this cute Teddy; I downsized him a bit so he would work with my pose. And the guy gift was this very nice herringbone cap -- which I also downsized to work for MOI!

Even better?  The group join fee if lifted for December. So get over there and prepare to pick up some very nice items.

Oh, the very pretty wall decor is a gift from MEVA at The Imaginarium gacha event. Don't miss that.

Talk soon!

Non-advent outfit parts:
ED. Erika jacket
Mowie Zarina leggings

After Dark hair from Vanity Hair

Pose by: aDORKable


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